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Interest rates found relief in the form of a tumultuous week in the equity markets. As the stock market is beginning to feel the pressure from weaker corporate profits there is a growing concern a significant correction could be on the horizon. As uncertainty holds sway over stocks, money flows into bonds which have helped stabilize interest rates for now. Many analysts are pointing toward higher import and export costs as a result of the recent tariffs imposed on global trade. As these patterns continue to define themselves we will have a much better long-term forecast for the direction of interest rates. For now, the short term holds much uncertainty as several variables appear to be fighting one another. Most notably is Federal Chair Powell and his continued insistence to increase interest rates due to an overheating economy. Next week will be a big week for the stock market. Will the slump continue, or will the market bounce back? The answer to this question will likely have an immediate influence on interest rates. 

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Matt Thomas