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The stock market had been rallying all week, which pressured rates higher as the week progressed, until Friday, when the stock market was flat.

Friday the Labor Department released Consumer Price data showing the index decreased 0.1%, the first decrease and lowest level since March. For the past 12 months the CPI rose 1.9% after increasing 2.2% in November. The data today met economist projections.

Keep in mind that the Fed has a 2.0% inflation target, with 1.9% projection in 2019, as tracked by the core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index. The core PCE increased 1.9% over the past year in November after increasing 1.8% in October. The last time core PE reached 2% was in March and that was the first time since April 2012. While the Fed has forecast two rate hikes this year, moderate inflation pressures may support a slower path.

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