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Here's a quick list of the most common pet-peeves held by agents that can result in potentially missed opportunities for your when a buyer tours your home. We think this list will help you the next time you're on the market and ready for an offer...or five, if you list with us.

#1 Don't Have an air freshener in every room, especially if they're all different scents.  We've been in homes that look great but smell terrible. The last thing you want is the buyer's eyes watering or them having to guess what odor you're actually covering up.


Do: Use the same scents from room to room.  Wax scent warmers are convenient and their scents aren't usually harsh, plus there is no flame (please, never light candles when you aren't home.)  And yes, if you're up to baking, warm inviting scents like freshly baked cookies, or a home-cooked meal on the stove makes your house more desirable and home-like.  Again, flame-less scent warmers will safely have the same effect.


#2 Don't Be at the home during showings.  You won't like it, the buyer feels awkward, everyone speaks in annoying hushed tones.  An uncomfortable buyer is far less likely to make an offer on your home.


Do: Go for a walk or run an errand--and don't forget your pets!  Giving the buyer space to voice their opinions in the moment allows the showing agent time to address those concerns and possibly sell your home.


#3 Don't Keep every blind closed and every light off during the showing.  Dark homes are uninviting, feel small, and no one likes fumbling for a light switch in a stranger's home.


Do: Open the blinds, turn ceiling fans on low, and turn on every light.  We want that house lit up like a Christmas tree!


#4 Don't Leave your clean/dirty laundry around the house and dishes in the sink.  If a potential buyer sees a messy house, they tend to have less confidence you are keeping your home up in other areas. 


Living in a staged home and always looking your best for every showing while you are trying to do life is not easy. That's certainly one reason to want your home to sell as quickly as possible!


Do: Have all your laundry and dishes put away.  You can even put your laundry in baskets and dishes in the dishwasher--no one will care about that.  Keep your kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom pristine.


Bonus tip: Have empty laundry baskets available in the event you get a last-minute showing request.  Throw everything in the baskets and put them in the garage.  Same applies to toddler toys, highchairs, pet beds and dishes.  Shower caddies/baskets are also great for stowing away your shower accessories and toiletries in a pinch.


#5 Don't Leave your pets in the house during the showing.  You might be an animal lover, but you don't know if the buyer is, or if they have small children, or worse, they have pet allergies.


Do: Make your animals comfortable and restrain them in the garage or remove them off-site.  Make sure the listing agent communicates to the showing agent where Dozer is expected to be during showings.  Your "friendly" dog may not be as friendly around strangers as they are around you.  I should know--I've been bitten on the behind!  Ouch!


Follow these five simple principles, and you'll likely have happier buyers, happier agents, less time on market, and more money in your pocket!