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How do you and your family eat, sleep and live in your home without leaving any evidence?


Your home is on the market, pristine and expertly staged to get it sold.  


Now what?  


How do you still live in your home and keep it in perfect condition - especially for the unexpected showing?


Here are some simple tricks:


  1. Keep all surface areas clean and clear of personal items, small appliances, etc.
  2. In bathrooms, give each family member a small shower caddy or tote for daily-use products to put away after use.  Display only guest towels for staging.
  3. Do not allow mail, bills, magazines, newspapers, to stack up.  Go through it all daily.
  4. Make beds each morning.  Store daily needed items underneath in bins or neatly put away in closets.
  5. Do laundry daily (ideally).  Put all items neatly away.  Hide laundry baskets or stored neatly in the laundry room.
  6. Just eat out!  Keep your home smelling fresh, not like your favorite cuisine.
  7. Keep pets in 1-2 rooms or send them with family, friends or “daycare”


Moving is stressful.  Follow these few simple tips and your experience will be that much better.